The Importance of Motivation in the Concept of Sociology

All my childhood, I studied arduous and received good grades as a result of I used to be motivated to flee my mom’s disappointment and wrath on failure. Others in my class had been motivated by their need to excel and get into school. Nonetheless, others had been doing it to take care of their social standing and to be acknowledged as glorious college students. The phrase “motivation” holds a unique that means for various individuals, as what motivates you will not be ample for me and vice versa. 

Let’s dig deeper into what the time period means. 

What’s Motivation?

The phrase motivation has been derived from the phrase “motive,” which suggests the human want that must be fulfilled to realize satisfaction. This want could be acquired over time by the weather that encompass individuals, such because the sort of tradition, way of life, or the sort of surroundings that’s round them. 

Motivation is a various and different idea as a result of human beings are numerous and different themselves. Usually, motivation is a repetitive habits, one thing that helps hold us going. It’s the driving power that builds inside us to tackle challenges. 

Unsurprisingly, the idea of motivation has been of curiosity to sociologists and psychologists alike. Analysis in a number of fields, together with enterprise, psychology, and sociology, has tried to clarify the idea of motivation by way of human habits. 

“Individuals Who Are Loopy Sufficient To Suppose They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.” – Rob Siltanen

What’s Social Motivation?

Social motivation refers back to the human want to attach with one another and their need to have the ability to be accepted by one another. People should not meant to dwell on their very own, as a result of they’re purported to coexist with others, and the necessity to work together with one another is what units the premise of social motivation.  

On this article, we are going to clarify the idea of motivation in sociology. We’ll clarify it with the assistance of various theories introduced by psychologists and sociologists to perceive human motivation and its sources. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Wants

In accordance with Abraham Maslow, an individual’s motivation is determined by his want degree. His hierarchy of wants took a pyramidic form the place the bottom rung makes up essentially the most fundamental degree wants, and so they hold transferring upwards. Given beneath is the hierarchy of wants introduced by Maslow. 

  1. Physiological wants: These are the essential survival wants of people, resembling meals, water, and a spot to dwell. As soon as these wants are fulfilled, people transfer on to the second section, which brings us to the second stage of the hierarchy.
  2. Security: The second most essential human want is that of security. It’s human nature to guard themselves from any hazard or something that could be a menace to them. Subsequently, when people are at this want degree, they are often motivated by offering security for themselves and their households. 
  3. Social wants: When the primary two wants are fulfilled, people search for relationships through which they really feel as in the event that they belong someplace, and they’re cherished. 
  4. Vanity: All people have shallowness and dignity — they must be revered and acknowledged as an essential aspect that performs a task in human motivation.
  5. Self-Actualization: The final degree of Maslow’s hierarchy of wants is self-actualization. This is a chance for people to develop and study. It’s the biggest degree that people can obtain. As soon as people attain this degree, they’ll solely be motivated by their craving for studying.

“Development have to be chosen many times; concern have to be overcome many times.” – Abraham Maslow

McClelland’s Principle of Wants

The second idea we can be discussing is McClelland’s idea of wants. This idea is predicated on three motivating drivers.


In accordance with McClelland, a way of accomplishment helps encourage individuals to obtain higher issues in life. Achievement is principally the sensation that people really feel once they accomplish duties. Individuals who intention for achievement are in search of duties that might assist them develop personally, and so they obtain their due recognition as quickly as attainable. 


As people, all of us search the necessity to really feel like we belong someplace and be socially accepted. These individuals who search affiliation are motivated when they’re accepted in society. It drives them to work tougher and obtain extra. Such persons are additionally happier when they’re in social gatherings, and so they need to keep away from any conflicts with others.


The third driving issue is authority; a few of us are motivated by the will to be ready of energy. These individuals who need energy are always in search of conditions through which they might have the ability to train their authority. They search conditions or jobs through which they might be ready of authority, which motivates them.

Let’s take the straightforward instance of home cleanliness; some persons are motivated to maintain their homes clear as a result of they really feel a way of accomplishment in sustaining a clear home. Then again, some might preserve cleanliness as a result of it permits them to attach with their buddies and friends. Whereas others preserve a spick and span house to allow them to preserve management and energy amongst their friends.

Herzberg’s Motivation Principle

This idea of motivation is predicated on two components: motivators and hygiene components. These two components are motivators that encourage individuals to work tougher.

Hygiene components

These components guarantee individuals don’t get dissatisfied. They aren’t part of the job, however they make the job preferrable. Examples embrace the working circumstances and cleanliness of an workplace. Does the corporate comply with security protocols? Is there sufficient lighting on the premise? Is there sufficient area within the workplace for the employee to be productive? 


These are components that hold workers motivated. These could be totally different for various individuals, resembling achievement, recognition, accountability, or development.

Implications of Social Motivation in our Every day Life

Making use of the science of motivation in our day by day lives may help enhance efficiency at workplaces and even at our properties. Sure, many components assist individuals obtain happiness, however motivation is without doubt one of the greatest components. Motivated human beings are extra result-oriented and have clearer objectives in life. A cheerful and balanced way of life could also be maintained by the correct quantity of extrinsic and intrinsic motivating components, as mentioned within the theories above.  

There are certainly totally different motivation components for various individuals. Regardless of what number of explanations there are, there’ll at all times make certain areas that aren’t but coated since each human is totally different. There may be nonetheless an enormous quantity of analysis being carried out on the topic to determine human psychology in an in-depth method. 

As a frontrunner, it is very important make sure that all of the individuals working within the staff are motivated. The motivation theories above give an perception into human psychology; managers and leaders can use these theories and motivating components to encourage their workers in accordance with their character. 

What motivates you in life? Share your ideas with us beneath!


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