Guided Read-Along Energy Clearing With Regan Hillyer | Mindvalley University 2020

An Introduction To Your Vitality Structure

Relating to activating your abundance and attracting all that your coronary heart needs, it’s sensible to check out the place you’re at energetically.

In line with Regan Hillyer, all of us have ‘Energetic Structure’ that exists along side the bodily physique. It represents the vitality that’s behind our beliefs, ideas, and behaviors which inevitably dictate the course of our lives.

Regan says, ‘We play with this with a view to create bodily reflections in our lives by altering the geometries and easy buildings inside our energetic area. It means we are able to actually manifest what we want even quicker – merely by our personal consciousness.’

In her Mindvalley College 2020 On-line speak, Regan led an Energetic Structure Cleaning Session, a particularly highly effective and potent guided train that helped hundreds of scholars re-design their Energetic Structure for abundance.

The reside meditation was re-purposed for this text and notice that Regan’s use of ‘gentle language’ has not been included. We propose scanning the method in full, then recording your self studying by the phases so you may totally have interaction within the train. Alternatively, you can ask a buddy or member of the family to learn this aloud to you!

Regan’s Guided Energetic Structure Meditation 

Guided Meditations Session by Regan at MVU 2019 at Pula

Sit or lie in a snug place and shut your eyes. Enable your self to softly flip inward presently, taking deep breaths in, and out.

As you floor your self on this area, think about a glowing, crimson laser beam capturing out of your tailbone all the way in which down into the middle of the planet, anchoring you into the core of the Earth.

Concurrently, enable a second laser beam of golden gentle to shoot up by the crown of your head, up into the heavens.’


‘As you breathe and hook up with the sunshine, go forward and invite any divine steering into the area; your angels or any beings of sunshine of the very best vibration. Request that they current themselves earlier than you proper right here and proper now.

Welcome them.

Now from this place of intentional consciousness, start to increase your consciousness and understand that you’re, in reality, sitting in an enormous circle at this second. You discover that each single particular person on the planet that’s on the identical path to non secular development is right here.

Really feel the group vitality within the group vortex, feeling these both aspect of you or in entrance of you. It’s confirmed that when folks pray or meditate collectively, we create extra highly effective, energetic responses inside ourselves and our world.

As you start to really feel the vortex and the vitality of this group, enable your self to ship your focus again into your personal system and your personal area.’


Enable your self to drop deeply into any divine intention. Merely invite your self to tune into one particular imaginative and prescient that you’d like to see manifested throughout the subsequent few weeks.

Any intention for the very best good for your self or others is welcome. Join with that proper now.’


‘As you start to tune into your imaginative and prescient, discover something that could be blocking or stopping you from manifesting this intention. Any psychological packages, any damaging ideas, fears, doubts, or self-sabotaging patterns.

Request that something slowing you down begins to build up inside your photo voltaic plexus. As the entire patterns and items of knowledge accumulate, enable them to kind a dense, strong ball.

Subsequent, request that this ball of limitations shifts out of your physique.

That’s it. The ball is now hovering simply above you and has shifted out of your physique, coded with all your limitations, doubts, and fears that are slowing down your manifestation course of.

Slowly, the ball begins to spin. Spinning quicker and quicker, making itself lighter and lighter, brighter and brighter.

Now ship this ball skyrocketing out into the universe!’


‘Because it flies by area and dissipates, request that this clear vitality finds the frequency of your intention – one of many best presents that you’ll ever, ever obtain in your lifetime.

As this clear ball of vitality absorbs your intention and gathers new items of knowledge, invite this ball again into your area. Because it hovers above you, you turn into conscious that this ball is now densely encoded together with your intention – the present from the Universe that you’ll certainly obtain.

Now invite it to softly drop down into your physique – by your crown, by your head, sinking down into your coronary heart.’


‘Request that this ball explodes and shatters into each single cell of your being, permitting each single cell and strand of DNA to get up and obtain these divine items of knowledge.

Your capability to manifest and obtain expands with each breath.

Tune into your personal distinctive vibrational frequency, and really feel it enhance with grace, ease, and move.’


‘As you breathe deeply, you discover a golden being of sunshine seem in entrance of you. It represents your increased self. Name upon them. You may even see them, or it’s possible you’ll simply merely concentrate on their presence. Both means is totally good.

A divine transmission is about to happen. A transmission of distinctive codes, patterns, and frequencies that need to manifest by you. You might be about to embody your increased self and your divine intentions, resulting in divine manifestations.

As you turn into current with this golden being of sunshine, you are feeling a mild golden laser beam join each of you out of your hearts. Via this golden laser beam, the data switch takes place now.

Take a deep breath.

Meditation Session at A-Fest 2018

See the subsequent layer of your identification merge into your physique and soul – the precise identification required so as so that you can manifest your coronary heart’s want and obtain that treasured present that’s on its means.

Breathe deeply till you are feeling the energetic switch totally combine with ease and style.’


‘As you’re prepared, to shut the session, join as soon as once more together with your circle – with each single one who too has divine intentions, who too walks with you on the trail to private development. Really feel that collective vitality of intention. Enable their intentions to move into you, and the vitality of yours into them.

Belief that abundance is on its means for all of you.’

‘Slowly carry your vitality and a spotlight again to your personal physique. Enable this expertise to root into your system with gratitude.

And whenever you’re prepared, you may gently open your eyes.’

Extra Manifestation & Abundance Help

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